Grateful for ordinary days

A week and a half ago, our nanny went to Abu Dhabi (around 2 hours from Dubai), to do her medical exam for her visa renewal. Given that my 16 month old son wakes up at 5:00am every morning (sometimes heaven forbid, he is already awake by 4:30am), there was no sleeping in for me that day. I’m absolutely not complaining as I am already so fortunate to have an amazing stay at home nanny who could take turns with Jon and I in taking care of Nathan.

Anyway, I decided to use that morning to set a coffee date with a friend who also has a baby. I thought it was a wise use of our time – I could catch up with her and our babies can have their playdate. So we went to meet at my favorite brunch place and between feeding our kids and running after them, we discussed topics that deeply impacted the human race – things like how difficult it is to find a good nanny nowadays, ways to get our kids to sleep through the night, what snacks to feed them, how to keep them entertained, etc.

“Funny how the topics we talk about and the concerns we have changed, yeah?”, I jokingly told my friend.

“Yeah, when I was a teenager and I heard adults talk this way, I promised myself I would never be that boring…but here I am”, she wittily replied.

Reflecting back at our conversation, I thought about the many women (yes more than men), whose lives have changed since having kids.

I became even more concerned when I find myself googling phrases such as “how to make a comeback in the workforce after being a stay at home mom”, “how to get a masters degree in Harvard after being a parent”, “how to manage both your home and a business successfully”, “biography of women who made it professionally after having a baby”, etc.

I’ve always wanted to achieve something great in my career – build something of immense value to other people. While it is a wonderful thing to have the ambition to pursue something that will positively impact many, I find myself feeling envious of those women who are completely satisfied taking care of their home, family and children. Because in them, I see something that I am still working to have…and that is contentment. Contentment in the simple things, even when they do not get applauded for it. Contentment in seeing their kids grow up to be amazing human beings.

For those who have been called to have children, in my heart I know that there is no greater legacy than to ensure that these children grow up to be Godly, responsible, loving, diligent, courageous and kind individuals who will leave this world a better place than they found it.

Learning to be grateful for ordinary days is a great gift. Because when I think about it, there’s really no such thing as “ordinary”, just like there is no one definition of “success”. I am preaching to myself when I say that the best lives are lived when we are faithful with whatever dominion God gave us – whether it be running a million dollar business, or wiping my baby’s smooth butt.

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