How to feel better when you are stressed

A week ago, I posted a survey asking people what keeps them up at night. I gave them a few options to choose from such as, “stress”, “too much work”, “caffeine or alcohol”, “snoring”, or “due to kids”. The result is quite interesting. Of course, losing sleep over stress topped them all.

If you’d like to view the details of the results, click here.

Anyway, the outcome of the survey and my own struggle with managing stress, inspired me to create a video on how we can best deal with worry and anxiety.

This video is meant to help you just as much as it is meant to help me. Dealing with stress has been part of my life for such a long time. Just like you, I am still on the journey of overcoming it (yes, I do believe that we can completely eliminate anxiety from our lives).

So hope you enjoy the video and do leave comments on how you manage stress on a regular basis as well.

Thanks for watching and catch you again soon!

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