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Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I’ve transformed this website from a personal branding site to a personal blog because I find myself wanting to talk about a wider range of topics as oppose to simply focusing on work related content such as marketing and branding.

Just to give you a background of who I am, I am a Filipina who moved here to Dubai around 3 years ago. I made the move when I got married to my husband, Jonas and I’m so excited to share that last June 23, 2016, we gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. 🙂

So I’d like to share with you stories about my journey as a wife, mom and entrepreneur with the hopes that it would inspire other women who are going through a similar path.


My blog is meant to be interactive so I would love to read your comments on the entries that resonated with you.

Take care, live life to the fullest and I’ll catch you in my blogs!